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If you would like to see retrostep actually move in a direction that contradicts it's name, and thus prompt lsdev to ultimately deliver a better litestep, support retrostep! Subscribe to retrostep-users and help out and be helped.

Be sure to also read about using the lists if you intend to post to the list

For those interested only in the progress of retrostep, consider subscribing to the retrostep-announce list which should be alway be a list with low traffic.

For those interested in knowing what's being hacked on, subscribe to retrostep-devel.

For more information on available lists and to read up archived mails,  please visit the Retrostep mailing lists admin page.

Important Information for new users

If you are new to the list, and have a specific question about Retrostep, please search up the list archives available
on the mailing lists admin page. You will likely find the answer to your question there.  Please try, because if you ask question that has previously been dealt with too often, you might not get very good response from the list.  Also, you allow those who are trying to help concentrate on those that really need to be helped.
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