Retrostep: What Retrostep Is

Retrostep is an open source project which is attempting to bring you a clean and free Litestep 0.24.6 compatible shell.

Retrostep aims to be flexible, robust, clean and powerful. As a side effect of this, it is probably the most portable open source shell replacement for windows. Right out of the box, it can be compiled with compilers from either Microsoft, Borland or the GCC.

Retrostep consists of two groups of components. There is retro which is the collective name for the core components of Retrostep (currently made up of the files retro.exe, lsapi.dll and lshook.dll). The other group of components are called the retrostep modules which provide user interface elements and related utilities. Retrostep also supports litestep 0.24.6 compatible modules.

Note that Litestep (implemented by the Litestep Development Team) is encumbered by the GPL because users may legally only use modules that are released under the GPL, or under certain other licenses that are vulnerable to it. Retrostep however, is released under The Artistic License which places no restrictions on what modules may be used with it.

- Mudiaga Obada

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